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what to do if you find a lost dog

What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog

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Whether or not you’re a Huan app user, you’ll likely encounter a lost dog in your area from time to time. You might spot a lost dog in your neighborhood, or you might receive a Huan alert from a sensor nearby that has detected a lost pet. 

Either way, you need to know what to do if you find a lost dog. Here are several tips to help you out. 

1. Don’t approach or run after the dog. 

If you come across a lost dog, don’t make the first move–and definitely don’t run after it. You’re close to helping this pet get home again, so you don’t want to scare it away. 

Instead, wait quietly and move slowly. You can sit or crouch where you are to see if the dog approaches you. Don’t make direct eye contact, and be patient.

2. If the dog comes to you, don’t reach for it. 

Let’s say the dog walks cautiously over to you. Even if it’s within arm’s reach, don’t try to make a move yet. Allow the dog to make its way to you in its own time, and let it sniff you and check you out. 

The dog needs to feel safe near you, so be patient. If you reach for a lost dog too soon, it could become afraid and bite you.

3. Remain quiet and still. 

Stay still and quiet while the dog checks you out. If the pup determines you seem safe, it may come closer or indicate it wants to be touched. If you make any sound, speak softly–don’t raise your voice. 

4. Put the dog on a leash or in a crate if you can.

If possible, put a leash on the dog or get the dog into a pet-safe crate or carrier. It’s important to try to get the dog to your home or to an animal shelter safely. 

If you’re not able to leash or crate the lost dog, you can try leaving some food or a treat near where you saw it. This could help you (or the dog’s owner) be able to locate the dog later.

5. Look for a collar and ID tags.

If the dog is wearing a collar and ID tags, you’ll be able to get its information easily–possibly even the dog’s name and its owner’s contact information. From there, you can contact its owner and make arrangements to reunite the pup with its best friend. 

If you can’t get the owner’s contact information from an ID tag, you will need to take it to a vet or shelter to be scanned for a microchip (that is, if the dog comes with you). If the dog has no identification, you’ll need to surrender it to a local humane society. Its owners will probably try looking there first. 

6. Place an ad in the newspaper, make flyers, and post to social media.

Finally, get the word out! Take some pictures of the lost dog and make flyers, place an ad in the paper, and post them to your social media channels. Be sure to include the humane society where the dog is located, plus your contact information so the owner can reach out. 

Wrapping up

If you have the chance to help reunite a lost pup with its family, you should absolutely take it. And if you’re passionate about helping dogs get back to their owners, you can install the Huan app at no cost. 

Even if you don’t have a pet of your own, the Huan app will alert you when a lost dog or cat comes within 300 feet of a sensor in our advancced network. Then, you can do your part to help reunite a lost dog with its family. 

Want to know more? Download Huan from Google Play or the App Store, or click the button below!

Prevent heartbreak and get peace of mind.

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