Testimonials from our pack members

I’ve honestly never worked with a company that has better customer service than Huan. Outstanding! Every interaction is better than the last. They continually update the tags and don’t give you any grief when you need a replacement, no matter the reason. A++
Huan is An incredibly important service. it’s helped me so many times to get peace of mind. I also love the designs and colors so pretty.!!
We’ve been trying out Huan since the early beta days. Our kitty girls are doing super well with the new trackers! We don’t have to take their collars off when they come in, and they aren’t bothered by them. When someone is being naughty and staying out late hunting, it’s reassuring when I can still pick up her beacon on my phone.
Fantastic app & platform! I’ve used Huan since the early testing days and am completely happy with it!
Huan is awesome! I’ve got a high risk pup and am always concerned something may happen when I’m not home-the alert function works great (been on vacation and am able to see where the sitters are with my dogs) and it’s cool other users can communicate with you. Great idea! 😊
I love being able to track my pups 24/7. The app works perfectly and is so easy to use. Beautifully constructed and highly recommended for all pet owners.
Great product and great customer service. I highly recommend it!
My rescue dog is a huge flight risk. He feels safe and trusts me but his instinct is to flee if spooked and will just run because he doesn’t know when to stop. Even after I teach my dog not to flee, he’s going to continue to wear his tag and we will continue to be part of the community that helps locate and reunite lost pets.
Excellent, user friendly app that helps keep your pets safe with help from other members of the community. Even if you dont have a pet, by putting the huan app on your phone you are helping project pets in your area!
I love having these tracking sensors on my dogs. I know exactly where they are at all times. I feel extremely relieved knowing that when I leave the house I can look at my phone and see right where all of my dogs are. I have 5 dogs and recently 3 of them got out of my yard in the middle of the night. Thankfully I got all of them back. But it was 3 of the worst days my family ever spent. That is why I went looking for a tracker. I found HUAN and it has changed our lives forever.
I like that I’m able to track my babies 24/7 with just my phone. The app works great and its so easy to use. I’m also glad that I can help with the apps development. I highly recommended Huan for all pet owners.
Lifesaver!!!! Love being able to have peace of mind i also love the options where if your pet is left alone for more than 24 hours it’ll send an update to your emergency contacts
Great! Love this tracker! It’s light weight (unlike other chunky dog trackers) and I was able to get a color that blended with her collar! The app works great too. I love being able to see her location in real time! Side note: The app won’t let me choose an owner profile picture and I wish I could buy different color tag covers instead of buying a new tag for a different color
Such an awesome idea 10/10 recommend This is such an awesome idea and app. I’m gonna start trying to get my Community into this app as well so It becomes more and more useful
Best tag Love this tag!
Love the concept… I am in the process of buying the tag for my fur baby and love the idea. I’ve recommended this app to so many friends & fam already. I love the price tag on this vs the bulkier options out there. Will update once I have a better idea.
Absolutely love these tags!!! Perfect locations and love the updates ♥️
I just star whit Huan today I have my 2 beautiful baby dogs under supervision Coz my work I don’t living whit them but now I’m starting looking where they 😊🙏
Knowing my dogs are safe makes me a better person, a more productive wage earner so I can afford their dog food and happier all around. Go Huan!
Soooo much better than gps It’s a game changer for dog and cat owners. The more users,the better you’ll be able to track your dogs and of course other people dogs. So go get it so worth the small monthly charge.
In Georgia and it works Wish more people in more states would @gethuan for their animals, it only makes the signals stronger for finding lost pets! No need to pay a monthly service, just track and updates on your mobile phone
Awesome app!!!! This really helps everyone keeping their pets safe! The more people use the app, the more lost pets we can locate.
Amazing little device. I tell everyone about these. Inexpensive and pretty much spot on as far as where exactly your pets are located. This is a must for all dog owners.
I love the protection my dogs have especially while I’m gone. You never know if they are going to get out. Gilad the owner is great!
Second piece of mind ti the chip, haven’t figured out if there is a notification sound
I received my free Huan tag for my cat and I love it! It gives me a little more peace of mind and am grateful for the community it provides and knowing that if my cat gets out others will be alerted and in the lookout too! Thank you Huan!
The owner actually took the time to drive out and spend hours to help us look for our dog. He’s a great person and he’s trying to establish a network that will grow and provide protection for our little furry kids.
Amazing idea, amazing app, easy to use, have referred 26 people so far, and counting. Really super happy that there are apps out there made by people who actually care about our furry friends 😍
love this app. it really gives you a piece of mind!
Love this app! I have a Husky who has a mind of his own – and the tags give me an extra layer of protection, just in case! i also love how this lets me protect my neighborhood dogs as well. highly recommended!
LOVE THIS APP!! I know wheret dogs are at all times. #HelicopterDogMom
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