Hang Tag Test


(187 reviews)

Hang Tag Test


(187 reviews)

"I've been using Huan on my lab puppy since we got her. It works flawlessly, just put it on the dog and download the app. couldn't be easier. " - Tim Heenan

Instead of GPS, Huan Tags use Bluetooth Low Energy long-range technology to alert nearby Huan App users when your pet is nearby. That means no matter how far away your pet gets, any phone with the free Huan App can find them.

Easily find your missing pet using the Huan Smart Tag. Designed to fit medium to large-sized pets, the Hang Tag easily fits all standard and martingale collars. Battery included.

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Use the power of crowdsourcing to find your lost pet

Huan is built for adventurous pets — the daring door-dashers and fence-jumpers who make it their life’s mission to escape the safety of home, explore the world, and give you heart palpitations in the process. 😅

Unlike GPS tags, which rely on cellular networks, Huan uses the power of crowdsourcing to locate your missing pet.

What technology does Huan use?

Huan Tags contain a small Bluetooth Low Energy long-range transmitter with a very long battery life — between 10 months to a full year. These tags transmit a signal that can be detected by any smartphone with the Huan App installed, as well as by Huan Sensors (our own physical trackers).

In our testing, Huan Tags routinely achieve ranges of over 300 feet from the nearest smartphone.

As with other network-based apps like Waze or Instagram, Huan users benefit from the size of the user network. The more users, the bigger and better our Pet Protection Network grows.

Why we built huaN

We know what it’s like to lose a pet — and we never want it to happen to anyone else again

Nothing feels more terrifying than when your pet slips through an open door or window (or simply goes out for the day) and disappears. Especially if you’re not even home to know what happened. Your baby could be close by or halfway across town. If you don’t have Huan, you won’t know.

With Huan, it doesn’t matter how far away your pet gets from YOU. The moment they pass by someone with the Huan App, you’ll instantly be notified.

“I never thought this could ever happen to us – he was a loyal pet, he was microchipped, tagged (which is how the vet reached us, reading our phone number through it), and registered with AKC rescue. We were careful dog owners, he was always on a leash, we had big, tall gates around our house, which is on a quiet cul-de-sac.”

Ever since, I’ve told all my friends that are dog owners to get HUAN – it’s easy to use, accurate, and will give you extra peace of mind. I wish we had. I can’t go back in time, but our new beagle, Bentley, has a beautiful Huan Tag on his collar.” -Ellen, Apache’s owner

Tech Specs

AKA “What’s the range?”

RANGE: With the Huan Pet Protection Network, you’ll be instantly notified of your pet’s location the moment your lost pet gets within 300 feet of anyone who has the free Huan App installed on their phone.

The more people you invite to install the Huan App, the bigger and stronger our network becomes!

BATTERY LIFE: Classic and Hang Tag: Up to 1 year, Replaceable CR2032 Lithium battery
Tiny Tag: Up to 5 months, Replaceable CR1632 Lithium battery

DIMENSIONS: Classic Tag: Length: 2 1/32” Width: 1 1/4” Depth: 15/32″ (53 mm x 31 mm x 12 mm)
Tiny Tag: Length 1 19/32″ Width: 1″ Depth: 15/32″ (41mm x 24mm x 11mm)

WATER RESISTANCE: IP67 Water Resistance (Safe for swimming or bathing)

WEIGHT: Classic Tag: 0.4 oz Tiny Tag: 0.2oz

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all Apple and Android devices

The Huan App

Live interactive tracking meets helpful safety features — all free forever in the Huan App

Pet Location

See your pet's most recent location on the interactive live map.


See your pet's route in real time.


Your designated emergency contact receive an instant emergency alert if your pet has been alone for over 24 hrs.


Get an instant location update when your pet is detected away from home.


Easily activate the community to help find your missing pet.


Easily notify the community when your pet is home safe.



Your Huan order supports animal rescue

Did you know? Huan’s founders are rescue pet parents ourselves — and we’re deeply grateful to the animal rescue community for helping so many animals find the loving homes they deserve.

We routinely donate Huan Smart Tags to our local animal rescues in Los Angeles, CA.

frequently asked questions

If you’re wondering it, we’ve answered it 👇

There is no monthly fee to use Huan Tags or the free Huan App.
Home Alone Mode is available through your app settings menu, where you manage your Emergency Contact list. The setting is equipped to make your contacts aware that your pet is at home alone. Once enabled, your Huan app will display a prominent message on the map page, reminding you that emergency alerts will be sent to your contacts after the 24-hour period is over. Huan will send you several warnings and alerts throughout the day if your pet appears to be home alone, to make sure you're aware and can turn off the setting in case of a false alarm.
All orders are processed within 2-3 business days, and ship from Los Angeles, CA via USPS. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays. Please allow up to an additional 10-14 days for laser engraved tags to ship, as they require additional processing. If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days. Please allow additional days in transit for delivery. If there will be a significant delay in shipment of your order, we will contact you via email or telephone. NOTE: Custom-engraved tags are non-refundable, but can be exchanged for a different design.

Microchipping your pet is passive, not active. Someone needs to find your pet and then take them to a shelter or a vet for the microchip to be read.
If your pet is lost with no human contact, is shy/timid and won’t let people approach, or humans for whatever reason don’t get the microchip read, the microchip won’t help.
Huan can find your pet automatically, and alert you immediately without needing to capture them first.

Huan Tags transmit a signal that can be received by any smartphone or Huan Sensor. When your pet is detected by the Huan community while they’re away from you, you will receive an instant notification and the Huan App will show you where your pet was detected. You can even mark your pet as “Lost” to broadcast a missing pet alert to your entire community, and make your pets’ last known location visible on the map, enabling other users to contact you.
No! As soon as your lost pet comes in range of their phones, the Huan App will wake up and alert you that your missing pet has been detected. This works even if their phone is in their pocket or purse!
We take privacy very seriously. Huan is completely private and does not show your pets’ location on the map to anyone but you and your pets’ co-owners. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone, and your location is never tracked.
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