Our Smart Tags

Huan Smart Tags are small, durable Bluetooth tags. They emit a low signal that alerts Huan app users and Sensors when a missing pet is within range.

Unlike bulky GPS devices, Huan Smart Tags are lightweight, affordable, and do not emit dangerous radiation. 

Conventional microchips work passively and require your pet’s chip to be evaluated and identified. Huan tags transmit information about your missing pet’s location to your app through our community networks.

Huan Sleeves and Tags

Huan Collar Sleeve

Designed for dog collars, the Collar Sleeve slides on your dogs’ collar for a snug fit. Made from washable, durable silicon rubber. One size fits all, up to 1” collar width.

Huan Hanging Tag

Designed for smaller dogs, cats or extra-wide collars, the Hanging Tag comes with a metal ring that can be attached to any collar.

Tiny Huan

The smallest Smart Pet Tags on the market, Tiny Huan Tags were designed for cats and tiny dog breeds.

Under the Hood

Better Bluetooth

BLE 5.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy), 400% range increase over previous generations.

Water Resistant

IP67 Water and dust resistance: 3 feet deep for up to 30 min.

Long Lasting Battery

Up to a year of Battery Life.

Warranty Protected

Huan Tags are guaranteed by our unlimited warranty.

A Tag Design for Every Pet Personality

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