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Introducing Automatic “Missing Pet” shareable posts

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Starting today, Huan will automatically generate a Missing Pet post every time a pet is marked as “Missing” inside the Huan App, enabling users to share a professionally made, detailed missing pet post on Social Media with just a single click, saving precious time and spreading the word quickly using Facebook, NextDoor or Twitter.

Using the information from your pet profile inside the Huan App, the Missing Pet alert will include all relevant information such as Name, Photo, Breed and Medical information, as well as an interactive live map showing their last known location and the last time they were seen.

Sharing the post is easy – you can do it right from the social sharing icons at the top of the screen on our website (right here!), or use the built-in Share functionality inside the Huan App:

You can use your phone’s built-in sharing dialog to share the missing pet post using Text, Email, Facebook/Twitter/NextDoor or any other form. You can even share fellow owner missing pets to help them find their pet, even if you’re not nearby!

What do you think? Have an idea you’d like to suggest? Let us know in the comments below!

Prevent heartbreak and get peace of mind.

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