huan vs air tags

Huan vs AirTags

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Earlier this year, at its “Spring Loaded” event, Apple introduced its latest buzzworthy new product: the AirTag, a small and affordable tracking gadget similar to Tile.

Apple’s tracker has been talked about for years, and now it’s finally here. Early reviews indicate that for those who use Apple products, it’s a great way to keep track of your backpack, keys, and wallet. But what about your pet?

Pet owners are always on the lookout for new products that can help them keep their beloved pets safe — and that includes pet trackers. Can Apple AirTags be used to track pets? Is this a safe and effective alternative to existing pet trackers?

We found out everything we could about AirTags, whether you can use them to track your pets, and how they stack up against popular existing pet trackers (for example, Huan vs AirTags). Before you pick up Apple’s new tracker to use on your dog or cat, read this guide.

Can You Use AirTags to Track Your Pet?

Can You Use AirTags to Track Your Pet?

When Apple first announced AirTags, there was one question at the top of many people’s minds: Can you use them to track your pet?

The answer is simple: No.

In an interview with Fast Company, Apple’s VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, Kaiann Drance, quickly stressed that AirTags were designed for tracking objects, and are not intended for tracking kids, pets, or anything else that moves on its own.

That alone should be all the answer anyone needs. AirTags aren’t recommended for tracking pets, so you shouldn’t use them for tracking pets — there are plenty of pet trackers available on the market, anyway. But since we know there are people out there who will ignore Apple’s advice, here’s how AirTags compare to Huan Smart Tags, a product that’s designed and intended for keeping pets safe.


Huan vs AirTags: Which One Can Keep Your Pet Safe?

Say you were going to ignore Apple’s advice and use an AirTag to track your pet, even though Apple says not to (For the record, we don’t condone this. You should never use products on your pets for anything but their explicitly stated purpose).

Would an AirTag work as a pet tracker? How does it stack up against an actual pet tracker, like a Huan Smart Tag?

How AirTags Work

AirTags use ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which sends radio signals across a wide range of bandwidths to other UWB-enabled devices nearby. It has a short signal range, but works well in most places because it’s a sort of crowd-sourced technology — AirTags can send their signals to most apple devices, no matter who carries them, which updates their location for the owner to see.

UWB has a few advantages over other technologies: It has no signal interference and sends an updated signal several times per second, which makes it great for real-time location tracking. It’s also low-power, so devices that use UWB technology, like AirTags, can have long-lasting batteries.

UWB sensors have been built into all iPhones since the iPhone 11 and Apple Watches since the Series 6. Samsung has also included them in its newer Galaxy devices. Other technology companies are considering adding UWB sensors, which means the crowd-sourced location tracking abilities of this technology will likely only grow over time.

How Huan Smart Tags Work

How Huan Smart Tags Work

Huan Smart Tags, on the other hand, use bluetooth technology to similarly send signals to nearby smartphones. Bluetooth may not be able to pinpoint an object’s location quite as precisely as UWB can, but it has a different advantage: Bluetooth has been standard on all smart devices for nearly two decades.

Huan Smart Tags work similarly to AirTags in that they crowd source signal pings. Any time a pet wearing a Huan Smart Tag comes within range (around 300 feet) of a smartphone that has the Huan app installed, it sends that phone a signal that prompts it to update your pet’s location on a map. If you’ve marked your pet as missing, it also sends a notification to that phone, even if it’s locked and put away, that alerts the user that someone’s lost pet is nearby so they can help in the search.

Bluetooth is also a low-power technology, allowing Huan Smart Tags to last up to a year before they need a replacement battery. That’s why they provide ultimate peace of mind for pet owners that they’ll keep your furry friends safe.

Huan vs AirTags: Cost, Features, and Uses

Huan Smart Tags and AirTags use different technologies, but work in similar ways. How else do they stack up? Here’s how their cost, features, and uses compare.

Huan vs AirTags: Cost, Features, and Uses

When it comes to cost, Huan Smart Tags and AirTags are very similar — right around $30 each. As we’ve already described above, they use different kinds of tracking technology, but they both require a smartphone or other smart device that can pick up their signal and help you track your tag’s location.

Huan Smart Tags are much smaller and more lightweight than AirTags — in fact, AirTags are about three times bigger than Huan Tiny Tags, making them too big and bulky to use to track very small dogs or most cats.

airtag vs huan

In signal range, battery life, and water resistance, Huan Smart Tags and Apple AirTags are again very similar.

But when it comes to choosing the right tracker for protecting your pet, there’s really only one choice here: Huan Smart Tags are made for pets. We created them to help you protect your best friends and keep them safe. Apple AirTags, on the other hand, are meant for tracking objects. The company warns users not to try to track pets with them, and we think you should heed that warning and go with the tracker that’s meant for protecting your pet.

Want to Protect Your Pet? Huan Is the Best Choice

Want to Protect Your Pet? Huan Is the Best Choice

Taking all this into consideration, there’s really only one choice if you need a pet tracker: A Huan Smart Tag.

Not only are Huan products made just for pets and their owners, but they’re made small enough for all pets — even the smallest dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.

Huan Smart Tags are water resistant, have long-lasting batteries, and use ultra-safe bluetooth technology that doesn’t emit any radiation, like GPS pet trackers do. There’s a reason thousands of pet owners love Huan — and trust it to keep their beloved pets safe. Ready to see for yourself? Join our pack today.


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