A Community Effort to Get Lost Pets Home Safely

Huan Smart Tags utilize Low-Energy Bluetooth technology to alert Huan app users and Huan Sensors when your missing pet is nearby.

  • Get an instant alert when your pet is detected away from home, complete with information on their current location
  • Smart Tags automatically alert Huan users and Sensors when a lost pet is within a 300-foot radius 
  • Locate your lost pet and bring them home safely with the help of other users
  • Huan users build networks in their community to look out for one another’s pets

Home Alone Mode

Home Alone Mode sends an automated text message to your emergency contacts if your pet is home alone for over 24 hours, asking them to make sure your pets are OK.

Home Alone Mode can help your pet get the care it needs in the event of an unexpected absence or emergency such as: 

  • Accident
  • Illness
  • Hospitalization
  • Unplanned overtime or double-shifts at work
  • Travel delays
  • Natural disasters 

Safe, Durable Bluetooth Tags for Dogs and Cats

Our Smart Tags are safe for your pet, more affordable, and easier to use than other smart pet devices on the market.

  • Lightweight, water-resistant tags
  • Low-Energy Bluetooth technology–no GPS 
  • No radiation emissions and no battery recharging required
  • Colorful, protective silicone sleeves in a variety of styles
  • Silicone collar sleeves fit on most collars up to 1” in width 
  • Hanging tags and tiny pet options available

Affordable, Secure Pet Protection at Your Fingertips

Finding your lost pet has never been more affordable or accessible.

  • App users can download and access the app for free, even if they don’t have pets of their own in the network
  • We always protect our users’ privacy — no personal information is transmitted via the app or our Sensor Network

A Sensor Network to Make Finding Your Pets Easier Than Ever

We’re deploying Huan Sensor devices in public locations and vehicles that are specially designed to detect lost pets wearing Huan Smart Tags. 

  • Active 24/7 and able to detect your Smart Tag’s Bluetooth signal
  • May be placed in homes and businesses 
  • Mobile sensors may be placed in cars so that drivers may detect lost pets’ signals in real-time
  • Sensor Apps for your Mac and PC (Coming Soon)

Ready to Join our Sensor Network? Get Huan Sensor for Mac now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how Huan works to get your missing pets home safely. 

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