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HomeAgain vs Avid vs Huan

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Any pet can go missing, at any time. That’s why the American Veterinary Medicine Association recommends that all pet owners get their animals microchipped.

We know that microchips help reunite more lost pets with their owners. In a 2009 study of more than 7,700 stray pets, the ones who had microchips were returned to their owners far more often — 52.2 percent of the time for dogs, compared to 21.9 percent of the time without a microchip; and 38.5 percent of the time for cats, compared to just 1.8 percent of the time without a microchip.

If you have a pet, you should get them microchipped as soon as you can. Two popular pet microchip companies are HomeAgain and Avid. If you’re not sure which one is the better choice, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will compare everything about both microchip companies so you can choose the one that’s best for you and your pets.

But a microchip isn’t the only tool you can use to protect your pet from getting lost. We’ll also compare these microchips to Huan Smart Tags, a tracker that will provide even more protection to your furry friends.

HomeAgain vs Avid: Which Microchip Should You Get?

At the end of the day, HomeAgain and Avid provide nearly identical services.

They both make pet microchips, which are tiny microchips you can have inserted under your pet’s skin to store a scannable, permanent ID number. Microchips are linked to registries — and HomeAgain and Avid each have their own registry for their chips. Pet owners can add their contact information to the registry, so that when their pet’s microchip is scanned, they can be contacted.

There are a lot of features you might consider when choosing a microchip for your pet, so here’s how HomeAgain and Avid stack up against one another.

HomeAgain vs Avid: Which Microchip Should You Get?


HomeAgain and Avid microchips are very similar from a cost perspective.

HomeAgain costs $19.99 to register. You can also pay an additional $19.99 per year for premium features, which include:

  • Free access to lost pet specialists;
  • Lost pet alerts sent to participating shelters and vets;
  • A free medical emergency hotline staffed by vets;
  • Pet travel assistance in case your lost pet is found far away from home.

Avid microchips cost $19.95 to register. You’ll need to pay an additional $6 each time you need to change or update any of your personal information on Avid’s registry.

It’s important to note that these costs don’t include the cost of the microchip itself, or a fee to insert it. The average pet owner can’t insert a microchip themselves — it needs to be done by a trained professional. The fees they charge for the microchip and inserting it will vary.

Type of Technology

All pet microchips use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. If you have a contactless credit or debit card, this is the same technology used in the card chip. RFID chips are not powered by batteries. They can only hold a small amount of information — in this case, an ID number for the microchip registry.

Additional Equipment Needed

Microchips can only be read by special scanners, which transmit power to the microchip and retrieve its ID number. It’s not common for the average pet owner to have a microchip scanner, but they’re usually available at vet’s offices and animal shelters. Universal scanners can be quite expensive.

Size and Weight

All pet microchips, including those made by HomeAgain and Avid, are very small — about the size of a single grain of rice. This allows them to be inserted under your pet’s skin using a special syringe, similar to your pet receiving a vaccination. Your pet won’t be able to feel the microchip, and it can stay in place for the duration of his or her life.


Microchips can only be scanned from very close range — usually a few inches.

Battery Life

Since microchips don’t use batteries or have their own power source, you don’t need to worry about them wearing out over time. As long as they stay in the right place in your pet’s body, they should work for many years.

HomeAgain vs Avid vs Huan: Another Way to Keep Your Pet Safe

Whether you choose HomeAgain or Avid for your pet’s microchip, you can be confident in knowing you’re getting great service that will help you reunite with your pet if they ever go missing.

But here’s the problem with only having a microchip: It only works after your missing pet has been found.

You can’t track your pet with a microchip. If they’re lost and a microchip is the only protection they have, you just have to hope someone finds them — and that whoever does find them knows that they should take them somewhere with a microchip scanner.

We’re not saying microchips are bad. In fact, we believe very strongly that you should get a microchip for your pet.

However, there’s another tool you should get, too: A Huan Smart Tag.

Why Huan Is the Perfect Complement to Your Pet’s Microchip

Huan Smart Tags use bluetooth technology to send a signal to nearby smartphones, which allows you to track your pet’s location based on the location of any phone that detects its signal. This means that Huan helps you find your pet while they’re still missing — something a microchip just can’t do.

Why Huan Is the Perfect Complement to Your Pet’s Microchip

Huan Smart Tags cost just $30 each. There are no monthly fees, like there are for many GPS pet trackers. And there are no registration fees. Just $30 to protect your pet for life.

Huan’s Bluetooth technology doesn’t drain the Smart Tag’s battery. It also doesn’t emit potentially harmful radiation like GPS trackers do.

Huan Smart Tags are small and lightweight enough for even very small dogs and cats. Most GPS trackers are bulky and heavy, so they don’t work for small animals.

Huan Smart Tags send a bluetooth signal to any phone within about 300 feet that has the Huan app installed. If you mark your pet as missing, other Huan users will get notified if he or she is nearby. That means that with Huan, you get an entire community of pet lovers to help keep your pets safe.

And finally, unlike GPS pet trackers that run out of battery in just hours or days, Huan Smart Tags last up to a year before they need a replacement battery. Batteries are available on our website, and replacements are affordable enough to keep on hand.

Huan Is the Best Way to Protect Your Pet

Huan Is the Best Way to Protect Your Pet

Getting a microchip is just the first step toward protecting your pet. If you want the best protection possible, you also need Huan.

Ready to see for yourself? Join our pack today.

Prevent heartbreak and get peace of mind.

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