Fi Collar vs Whistle vs Huan

Fi Collar vs Whistle vs Huan

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Each year, in the U.S. alone, nearly 10 million pets go missing.

That’s equivalent to one out of every three pets going missing at some point in its life. And the sad fact is that many missing pets never see their owners again. The Coalition for Reuniting Pets and Families says that only 23 percent of lost pets are ever reunited with their owners.

missing pets statistics

There’s one way to help prevent your pet from becoming one of those statistics: Using a pet tracker, which can help you locate them more quickly if they ever run away or get lost. But there are a lot of dog trackers on the market — so how do you know which one will do the best job of keeping your pet safe?

If you’re considering GPS dog trackers, Fi Smart Dog Collars and Whistle brand trackers are some of the most popular and well-known options on the market. To help pet owners see the pros and cons of each and how they compare, we’ve created this guide. We’ll look closely at some important features and how Fi Collar vs Whistle stack up against one another. But we’ll also compare them to another option: Bluetooth trackers from Huan.

Fi Collar vs Whistle: Who Makes the Best Dog Tracker?

Both Fi Smart Dog Collars and Whistle dog trackers use the same kind of technology — GPS — to help you find your pet’s location. GPS is the same technology used by the data plan you probably have for your smartphone (which is why GPS trackers often require monthly fees for data plans).

Here’s how Fi and Whistle compare when looking at some important features pet owners are likely to consider.

Fi Collar vs Whistle: Who Makes the Best Dog Tracker?


Both Fi and Whistle make some of the most expensive pet trackers on the market, with both costing over $100 up front just to purchase the tracker. On top of that, they both require monthly data plans, which start for both at just under $7 per month.

Type of Technology

Both Fi and Whistle use GPS technology. There are pros and cons to this, which we’ll get into more below.

Additional Equipment Needed

While both of these trackers require you to have a smartphone with their respective apps downloaded and installed, Whistle also requires you to have a home internet plan that the tracker can connect to.

Size and Weight

Unlike many trackers that clip to your pet’s collar or harness, Fi makes collars with tracking devices built in. The collars range from 11.5 inches to 34.5 inches long, which means even the smallest size will be too big to fit most cats or small dogs.

Whistle, on the other hand, is a tracker that you can attach to your pet’s existing collar or harness. But at almost 2 inches across and just under 5 ounces, it’s too bulky and heavy for most cats or small dogs to use.


One of the biggest benefits to GPS pet trackers is their range, and Fi and Whistle are no exception — they both work over virtually any range.

Battery Life

But then there’s battery life. GPS technology drains batteries quickly, and both Fi and Whistle show it. Whistle can last up to 20 days on one charge if your pet isn’t very active, but will last less than that if your pet is lost. When put into “lost mode,” Fi can only last up to two days.

Fi Collar vs Whistle vs Huan: Another Type of Pet Tracker

GPS pet trackers aren’t your only option. Have you considered a bluetooth tracker? Meet Huan Smart Tags.

There are pros and cons to both GPS and bluetooth technology in pet trackers. Here’s how they compare.

Fi Collar vs Whistle vs Huan: Another Type of Pet Tracker

As you can see, bluetooth trackers address some of the drawbacks that come with GPS trackers:

  • They have long battery lives;
  • They’re affordable, and don’t have any monthly plans or fees;
  • They’re small and lightweight, so any pet can wear them.

And best of all, bluetooth trackers don’t emit potentially harmful radiation like GPS trackers do.

In fact, the only benefit GPS trackers have over bluetooth is their unlimited range, but with Huan Smart Tags, we found a way to address that: Our Pet Protection Network. When you mark your pet as lost in the Huan app, it sends a notification to the phone of any Huan user who comes within range of your pet. It also updates a map showing your pet’s location, even if that other Huan user has their phone locked and put away.

Here’s how Huan stacks up against Fi collars and Whistle trackers when looking at the features we talked about before.

Fi Collar vs Whistle vs Huan

Huan Smart Tags cost just $30 each — much less than Fi, Whistle, and many other GPS pet trackers. Plus, with Huan, there are no ongoing monthly fees. $30 is all you pay to protect your pet for life.

Huan Smart Tags are much smaller and lighter than most GPS pet trackers, which means they can be safely and comfortably worn by cats or very small dogs.

And because bluetooth technology takes less battery power than GPS, a Huan Smart Tag can last for up to an entire year before it needs its battery replaced. Replacement batteries are easily available and affordable.

In other words, Huan is the best way for you to protect your pet — anywhere you go, and at all times.

Huan: The Protection Every Pet Needs

Ready to see for yourself why Huan is the best protection a pet can have? Join our pack today.

Prevent heartbreak and get peace of mind.

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