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Preparing Your Dog to be Home Alone in an Emergency

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Do you have an emergency plan for your dog?

No one wants to imagine the unthinkable. That’s true when it comes to any worst-case scenario such as illness, accident, or a natural disaster. Still, we humans prepare ourselves for all kinds of possibilities. 

We participate in disaster-preparedness drills at work and school, and we discuss our plans with our families. But we often overlook the very real possibility of leaving our dog home alone in an emergency.

If something happened to you while you were away from home on a normal day–say, a car accident or unexpected illness–your dog would still need to be taken care of. In the unlikely event your dog ends up home alone during an emergency, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure your pup’s health and safety. 

Here are a few things you can do right now to better prepare your pup.

1. Choose your emergency contacts

Choose a few trusted people to name as emergency contacts for your pup in the event she’s left home alone for an extended period of time. You can store their numbers in your Huan app or elsewhere in your phone. These should be people your dog is familiar with, and who spend time with you and your pup on a regular basis. 

Ask these contacts if they’d be willing to look after your pet in the event of an emergency. Then, make sure they have whatever they need (keys, access codes, etc.) to access your home if needed. 

2. Create easy-to-find care instructions 

Make a detailed list of care instructions for your pet and display them prominently in your home. Putting this list on the refrigerator or a bulletin board in your kitchen would make it easy to find. 

Leave care instructions for your emergency contacts. Let them know where the food is, how much to feed your pet, and how often. If your pet has health problems and requires medication, include those details, too. 

Leave details regarding play and exercise so your dog can get the movement he needs while you’re away. Give your contacts tips on taking your dog for a walk or out to potty, too. 

3. Have a designated area for food, toys, treats, leash, and meds

Keep all your dog’s care items in one easy-to-locate spot–preferably near your kitchen or a main living area in your house. That way, if you ever need someone else to care for your dog in a pinch, it will be easy for them to find everything they need to help you.

4. Make your pup comfortable 

Always make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible before you leave the house. Do a quick sweep of her bedding and toys to ensure everything is clean and cozy. You want your pet to have a warm place to curl up any time, as they’ll likely sleep a lot while you’re out.

Ensure your pup is fed, watered, and walked before you leave. If they enjoy chew toys or treat-stuffed toys, leave one with them to keep them entertained for a little while. 

5. Enable Home Alone Mode in your Huan app

We’ve just unveiled a new setting in the Huan app: Home Alone Mode! For iOS users, just enter the Settings menu and enable Home Alone Mode. (We’re rolling this feature out for Android users soon!)

This new setting will automatically alert the emergency contacts stored in your Huan App if you’re detected away from home for over 24 hours. It’s an added layer of protection to ensure your pet gets the care she needs when you’re away. 

If you’re already part of the Huan pack, enable Home Alone Mode for iOS today. For more information about Huan Smart Tags and the Huan app, click the button below.

Prevent heartbreak and get peace of mind.

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