Community Protection for Cats and Dogs

Prevent Heartbreak with Huan Smart Tags

Keep your pets safe at home with help from fellow Huan users and our advanced sensor network, Now Featuring Home Alone Alerts!

How it works

A Community Effort to Get Lost Pets Home Safely

Huan Smart Tags utilize Low-Energy Bluetooth technology to alert Huan app users and Huan Sensors when your missing pet is nearby.

Huan Tags contain a small Bluetooth Low Energy long-range transmitter with extended battery life.

These tags transmit a signal that can be detected by any smartphone with the Huan App installed, as well as Huan Sensors.

Huan Tags transmit a signal that can be received by any smartphone or Huan Sensor.

If your pet is ever detected by the Huan community while they’re away from you, you will receive an instant notification and the Huan App will show you where your pet was detected.

You can even mark your pet as “Lost” to broadcast a missing pet alert to your entire community, and make your pets’ last known location visible on the map, enabling other users to contact you.

Huan Tags come in three different designs in order to fit almost every collar style. 

  1. Huan Collar Sleeves fit collars up to 1″ wide and can stretch over wide buckles.
  2. Huan Hanging Tags can securely fit any collar using the included metal ring.
  3. Tiny Huan tags fit very small collars, and are designed specifically for tiny dogs and cats.

Unlike GPS collars, Huan Smart Tags do not emit cellular radiation. Instead, they are Bluetooth Low Energy devices that emit a low, harmless signal that is safe for pets and humans alike. (Huan Tag signals are 100 times weaker than a single pair of Apple AirPods)

What Makes Huan Better

Our Smart Tags are safe for your pet, more affordable, and easier to use than other smart pet devices on the market

Community Protection For Dogs And Cats

Huan app users form pet protection networks in their cities and neighborhoods to find missing pets every day.

We’re deploying Huan Sensor devices in public locations and vehicles that are specially designed to detect lost pets wearing Huan Smart Tags. 

Ingrid (Scaled)

Beautiful Sleeves for Beautiful Pets

Safe, Lightweight Tags With Stylish Designs

Durable, radiation-free Smart Tags with a wide variety of colorful silicone sleeves to choose from.

Trusted by Rescues

We work with Los Angeles-based animal rescue groups to help keep their rescues safe through our Rescue Donation Program.

Trusted by Pet Owners

See what our users have to say about Huan

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Even though my dog never leaves my side, it’s so great to have that just in case. Huan is a wonderful app helping owners keep their pets safe.
Kat Ah.
Kat Ah.
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Love Huan and the peace of mind it brings to fur parents!!! Not only does it detect where your dogs are but it’s also super cute.
annie rocha
annie rocha
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Love it! It’s a great tracker. I’m impressed with customer service, and their promptness. I’m pleased with the tags that tracks your pet wherever they run to.
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This is the next best thing to being with your pet. Gives you peace of mind!!!
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It’s a game changer for dog and cat owners. The more users,the better you’ll be able to track your dogs and of course other people dogs. So go get it so worth the small monthly charge.

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