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9 Ways to Take Care of Your Pet with Huan

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If you have dogs, cats, or other animal friends in your home, then you know how important it is to take care of your pet. There are many ways to ensure your furry friends are healthy, happy, and safe, but naturally, we always want to go the extra mile. 

One way to add an additional layer of protection for your pets is by using Huan Smart Tags and pairing them with our app. Lightweight, durable, and powered by Bluetooth LE, Smart Tags are a safe alternative to GPS pet trackers and pet microchips. 

Huan is best known for helping reunite pet owners with their lost dogs and cats, but Smart Tags go beyond just detecting pets away from home. 

So how can else can you take care of your pet with Huan? Let’s look at nine possibilities.  

1. Locating your lost pet. 

The heartache and fear that come with losing a pet are gut-wrenching, and no one should ever have to experience them. Unfortunately, pets escape from home in a variety of ways and go missing every single day. The pet owners who are unlucky enough to have lost a beloved furry friend say they’d do anything to get their pet back. 

Our CEO, Gilad, came up with the idea for Huan after nearly losing his dog while out of town. Luckily, Puppy P. Pie was quickly located in the driveway of the home where Gilad was staying. However, that terrible dread stuck with him, and the concept for Smart Tags was born. (You can read the full story here.) 

If your pet escapes from your home or yard and is detected away from you, the Huan app will alert you automatically. That peace of mind is invaluable, especially when you know what it’s like to lose a dog or cat.

2. Keeping track of your pet on vacation.

Pets can easily get lost or afraid in a new place. A dog or cat on vacation is surrounded by unfamiliar territory–new smells, new furniture, new house. Perhaps the guests before you had pets, too, and your dog or cat is picking up on their scent. 

Either way, vacation can trigger a cascade of uncomfortable feelings in your dog or cat. They may be feeling fearful or skittish in this new place. Anxiety can make a pet more likely to try to escape, so work to soothe your pet when you’re staying in a new place–especially if you’re going to be leaving them at the vacation rental. 

When you go on outings, use your Huan app to keep an eye on your pet–and make sure they’re staying where they’re supposed to be! 

3. Taking precautions on adventure outings. 

Many members of the Huan pack rely on Smart Tags when they go on adventures with their dogs. Huan is durable enough for hiking, boating, fishing, running an obstacle course, playing frisbee, swimming at the beach, and much more. 

Your dog’s Smart Tag will help you reunite with your pup if you get separated on your big day out. Time is of the essence, especially if you’re exploring in a potentially hazardous area. 

4. Monitoring your pet while you’re at work.

Whether your pets are home alone or hanging with the pet-sitter or dog walker while you’re at work, Huan will help you ensure they’re safe. You can use your app to check up on your pets’ whereabouts, even from the office.

Huan pack member Hannah Hackley uses Smart Tags for her dogs, Lyla and Finley. The pups are rescues from Los Angeles-based Wags and Walks. So far, Hannah’s dogs haven’t escaped from home. As a precautionary measure, Huan provides her with peace of mind.

“Luckily–fingers crossed–they haven’t escaped,” Hannah says. 

According to Hannah, Huan helps her keep up with Lyla and Finley whether they’re home or out with the dog walkers. 

“Our dog walkers are great and we trust them, but you never know what could happen,” she says. “Someone could leave the door open, or one of them could get off their leash during a walk. This was the best thing we could have chosen for any potential scenario.

“When we’re at work, we can open the map and see that they’re indeed at our house instead of wandering around. It’s a great tool that brings a lot of peace of mind. We know where they are, and they always have their tags on.” 

Hannah says she didn’t want to face losing a pet with no way to locate them. 

“We’ve heard of so many situations from our friends and family who have lost pets. Luckily, they have found their animals, but we never wanted to be in that same situation,” she says.

5. Keeping an eye on your foster pets.

If you’ve ever fostered or adopted a pet, you know they’re more likely to attempt an escape. That’s because some rescues and fosters are attempting to get back to their previous home, or perhaps they’re anxious or afraid in their new surroundings.

Hannah hopes to begin fostering more pets in the near future, and she plans to use Huan tags to keep tabs on them, just like her rescue dogs. (A number of animal shelters and humane societies across the country are using Huan for the dogs and cats they place with foster and forever families.) 

6. Herding cats–literally.

Do you have cats with access to the outdoors? Huan can help you locate them, particularly if they tend to hide out near your house. 

Although cats may appear to run away from home from time to time, they’re usually hanging out nearby. Use Huan to scout their hiding places so you’ll know where to look when they dip out for a little while. 

One member of the Huan pack uses Smart Tags to round her cats up every evening before bedtime. Her furry friends are indoor-outdoor pets, so she saves time by being able to locate exactly where they are in her yard or near her home. 

7. Checking on your pet when you’re away for an extended period of time.

Working an unexpected double shift? Stuck in a major traffic jam? Had an accident or sudden illness? Huan’s Home Alone feature allows you to get help for your pet after they’ve been home by themselves for over 12 hours. 

Automatic alerts ping your phone when you’ve been detected away from home for extended hours, including during an emergency. You can also set up an Emergency Contact list, whose members can receive automated alerts to check on your pet after a certain period of time.

Home Alone adds a layer of protection for your pet that ensures they don’t go too long without food, water, playtime, or a potty break while you’re away. It’s a great way to take care of your pet even if you can’t be there with them. 

8. Locating anxious pets during trigger events.

Do you have a pet who’s fearful of weather events like thunderstorms, or loud noises like fireworks? Does your pet hide–or even try to run away–when these events trigger their anxiety? If that’s the case, Huan can help you keep tabs on their whereabouts. 

Some areas of the country are more prone to severe weather events than others. In the Deep South where I live, for example, it’s not unusual to experience tornado warnings throughout the year. Additionally, most communities test their tornado sirens weekly. 

If your pet is easily spooked during these times, Huan will be a helpful assist–especially if you need to round up the fur babies and hunker down in the shelter until the storm passes. 

9. Building a Pet Protection Network in your community.

Because Huan is community-based, you’re adding more protection for your pet (and others) when you build a Pet Protection Network among friends and family in your community. 

When a community group of Huan app users gets together, they form a wider protective net for runaway pets in the local area. Think of it as your pet’s very own “village” that comes together to look after her and make sure she’s safe at home with her family. 

Ready to take care of your pet with Huan? Click the button below to learn more! 

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