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why cats run away

3 Reasons Why Cats Run Away—and What You Can Do

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Do you have an indoor-outdoor cat? Have you noticed your cat wandering away from time to time, only to reappear at home a day or two later? There are multiple reasons why cats run away—or, more accurately, why cats wander from home once in a while.

Over the past six years, a crowdsourced project called Cat Tracker has been tracking the movements of 900 cats to see just where they get off to when they leave home. Surprisingly, the project found that most cats stay fairly close to home most of the time.

According to Roland Kays, lead author of the project, most of the cats stayed about 300 feet from their homes at all times. Some of the cats wandered further, from just a few acres away to over 25 acres from home. One cat even covered more than three square miles!

Whether your cat is a roamer or stays closer to your house, you’ve likely experienced the worry that comes when she doesn’t return home for a little while. Let’s look at a few common reasons why a cat might leave home, and what you can do to keep them safe.

1. Hunting

Cats are natural hunters. If you have a cat with access to the outdoors, you’ve likely seen this phenomenon for yourself in the form of “gifts” left on your doorstep. (I once had an outdoor cat who brought frogs, mice, and even a squirrel to our front porch.) 

Recent research suggests that domesticated cats actually hunt and kill up to 10 times more prey than similar wild predators do. So when your indoor-outdoor cat disappears briefly, it’s likely she’s on a hunt. 

2. Hiding

When cats are threatened, they hide until the threat has passed. If your cat appears to be missing, it’s possible they’re hiding nearby. If your cat wandered farther from home and encountered a threat, it’s possible he hid where he was—and may remain hidden for a little while before returning home. 

Huan Smart Tags can help you locate your cat if he or she is hidden near your home. As long as your pet is within at least 300 feet of a Huan app or sensor, the app will alert you to their whereabouts. And if your cat actually is hiding at home, all the better—you will have saved yourself hours or days of worry! 

3. Mating

Cats that haven’t been spayed or neutered may wander away from home to mate. Male cats, especially, are prone to roaming in search of a mate. 

To prevent wandering related to mating, have your cats spayed or neutered. This not only helps to control animal populations; it also helps mitigate a cat’s natural tendency to roam. 

How to Keep Your Cat Safe at Home

Cats with access to the outdoors are more vulnerable to a number of outside dangers that indoor cats just don’t face. If you’re able to keep your cat inside, you can shield her from many of the natural dangers the outdoors bring. 

But if your cat loves the outdoors, you can help keep him safe with a Smart Tag from Huan. Our Smart Tags are powered by Bluetooth Low-Energy and don’t emit radiation like GPS devices. They’re affordable, too!

Best of all, your Huan app will alert you automatically when your cat is detected away from home and away from you. With the help of Huan users in your neighborhood, you can bring your furry friend back home safe and sound. 

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