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Missing Pet Alert: Sonya (Coshocton, OH)

Missing Pet Found

Sonya has been missing since March 17th 2020, 1:14 pm PDT. Last seen Near South 10th Street in Coshocton.

Image of Sonya

  • Large Male Miniature Pinscher
  • Fur Color: Black
  • Character: Friendly
  • Remarks: None

Please help us find Sonya by installing the Huan App and joining our network. Sonya is wearing a Huan Bluetooth tag – You could be the one who picks up the signal!

Share this post on social media and help Sonya return home!

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The Huan Ambassador Program

If you got here through a friend, take a minute and read about Huan, what it is, and how it works!

Hi Everyone! Huan Founders here. We’ve been hanging out in our little Huan HQ watching the world change in real-time around us because of COVID-19, wondering what we can possibly do to help out all the folks who are stuck at home, unable to work (or worse, laid off). We believe it is our responsibility to do as much as we can – we’re in this together!

So, effective immediately, we are opening up our Huan Ambassador program to everyone, and doubling our commission payout. What is the Huan Ambassador program, you say? Good Question!

Huan Ambassadors earn commissions by referring friends/colleagues/social media followers to Huan. It’s as easy as sharing a link or a code on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/TikTok, and it’s something you can do from home! All you need is an Internet connection and a social media account, both of which you obviously have 🙂

Puppy Pie collecting data at Huan HQ

We realize that this might hurt our short-term revenue, but the well-being of our customers and their pets is our primary concern. We are happy to help in any way we can!

Sounds good? Want to get involved? Fill out this form and get started!

Oh, and Please remember to stay safe!

— Puppy and Gilad.