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Watch the Pet Protection Network updates in real time

Our brand new Live Map feature showcases the Pet Protection Network and shows a live stream of pet detection events as they happen, right inside your browser! Click here to open the live map.

Every blinking pet icon means a pet wearing a Huan Tag has been detected by an owner or a fellow Huan User, and the heatmap-style layer shows areas with a large concentration of Huan users and pets.

Don’t see your area covered on the map? Don’t worry! You can use your personal Referral code to invite fellow pet owners around your community and expand the Pet Protection Network to your neighborhood in no time!

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Refer your friends – Get bonuses and win awesome prizes!

Announcing our brand new Huan Referral program!

Starting today, you can refer your friends using our brand new Referrals screen inside the Huan App. Just tap on the ‘Referrals’ button from the left side menu to open the invite screen and generate your unique referral code:

You can share your unique code on Facebook, Email messages or text it to friends, and even take a screenshot and send it to them! When they use your code to purchase a new subscription, you will receive a referral credit worth $5 and they get a 5% Huan Subscription discount for life.

Once a month, we will reward the users with the highest number of referrals:

The top spot every month will receive a Limited Edition Huan Tag and a free Huan subscription for a year! (plus bragging rights)

The Top 5 referrers every month will receive our awesome ‘Your Dog is invited but you can’t come‘ Huan T-Shirts.

Every referral helps us keep more pets safe and every new user counts! Spread the word and help us keep keep your pups safe and happy.