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10 ways your dog says “I Love You”

If you have a dog, you undoubtedly tell them you love them every day (if not every hour!). But how does your dog say “I love you” back? Believe it or not, dogs do have ways of communicating their feelings for you. Look for these signs, and feel the love:

Looking into your eyes

Bosco the Handsome Pitbull

Dogs use eye contact as a way to communicate love to their owners. When dogs gaze into your eyes, their bodies are flooded with the bonding hormone oxytocin. It’s the same hormone parents feel when they hug their children.

Greeting you with excitement

When your dog bounds over to you the second you walk in the door, they’re basically saying “Hey! I love you!” Jumping, tail wagging, and general excitement all translate to love in dog lingo. So remember that when their paws are ruining your best suit!

Staying in constant contact with you

You ever find your dog following you from room to room? Leaning against your legs? Putting their paw on your arm? A dog that needs to be in constant contact with you is trying to tell you that they love you. Their clinginess may be overbearing, but it’s how you know they care. 

Cuddling you, even after a meal

Dogs may cuddle up to you when they want something like a treat or an extra helping of dinner. But a dog that still wants to cuddle after a meal is doing it because they love you! In fact, they may even love you more than they love food (gasp!).

Yawning when you yawn

Dogs are highly socialized creatures, and because of that they have strong empathy. One way you can tell this is if your dog yawns after you yawn. A sympathy yawn is a common occurrence between humans, but dogs also do it because they are emotionally bonded to you. That’s love, baby!

Sleeping with you

When dogs want to sleep with you it’s not just because you have the comfiest bed in the house. Dogs are pack animals, and evolutionarily speaking they rely on the warmth of others to stay toasty all night long. When a dog wants to sleep with you they’re telling you: You’re my family.

Knowing your mood

When you’re feeling down, your dog knows it because they are highly perceptive creatures. A dog that loves you will try and comfort you by laying their head in your lap or licking you. It’s their way of showing you they care. 

Forgiving you

They don’t call ‘em man’s best friend for nothing. Dogs will forgive their owners for yelling or reprimanding them in an effort to preserve the bond. (Now if only humans could do the same!).

Bringing you their favorite toy

It’s not just because they want to play. Dogs bring you toys because they want to express their love for you by “gifting” you their favorite thing. It’s their way of showing respect to you as their pack leader.  

Coming to you when they’re scared

During thunderstorms, fireworks, or a trip to the vet, does your dog look for you? That’s because your dog sees you as a safe haven. They come to you because they trust you will provide them with comfort. And what’s love if not emotional dependence? (We’re kidding. Kind of).

This is a guest post by Erin Chack. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.